• Conferences
  • Training for rubber establishment
  • Management
  • Quality control and diseases diagnostics


Our team travels the world to learn new and innovative ways to produce the highest quality rubber.  We also had the privilege of speaking as leading experts on panels, discussing sustainability for the future.

Gaining knowledge through years of experience has allowed us to become the leader in natural rubber worldwide.  The beautiful landscape of Brazil is the perfect environment for producing natural rubber.

Training for Rubber Establishment

Juan Fernan Sierra Hayer provides extensive training and educational forums to help others become more efficient in the industry.  He’s able to teach others about industry standards and being in compliance.  Having Mr. Sierra as our C.E.O. has provided a valuable resource and leadership to be the leading expert in the industry. 

Quality Control and Diseases Diagnostics

Our team understands how quality control can determine so much through our compliance program.  Our program ensures that we address any potential contamination that may occur.

Everyone on our team is trained to address and recognize abnormalities in the fields and the warehouse.

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